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Xmen EvolutionBasic X-Men: Evolution site.
Xavier's InstituteProfiles, episode guides, adoptables and more.
Xavier SchoolIncludes X-Men: Evolution toys picture gallery.
X2B X-Men: Evolution BlogX-Men: Evolution blog by X2B
X.M.E. T.V.Videos, profiles, fanart, etc.
X-pressionism XFan fiction, fan art and more.
X-MEN: Evolution Fan InstituteFanfics, fan art, images, and more.
X-Men RevolutionsEvo RPG in Portuguese.
X-Men Evolution WallpapersLots of X-Men: Evolution wallpapers.
X-Men Evolution RuminationsSome info from the first two seasons of Evolution.
X-Men Evolution IconsLots of awesome X-Men Evolution icons.
X-Men EvolutionPolish X-Men: Evolution site.
X-FreaksLots of X-Men: Evolution info.
X Men Evolution RPGX-Men: Evolution RPG site.
X Men Evolution RPGA relatively new X-Men: Evolution RPG site.
Wolviesgal's Home PageCovers the early episodes of X-Men: Evolution.
WikipediaWikipedia's X-Men: Evolution entry.
WagnerszenenEvolution Nightcrawler site.
Vi's X-Men Evolution PageFanfiction, some images and other info.
Ultimate RogueSome Evo and lots of non-Evo Rogue info.
Ultimate EvolutionRPG site.
True LoveClique dedicated to Scott and Jean.
Transparent ThoughtsKitty Pryde site.
Toon Zone - Comics - X-Men: EvolutionEvo comic information. Pages not showing up correctly as of 9/21/05. Disappearing soon?
Toad's SwampEvo Toad site.
Toad DamageEvo Toad info.
Tina's X-Men SiteEvo site.
The X-ImpulseGeneral X-Men site.
The World of X-MenX-Men: Evolution RPG site.
The Women Of X-Men EvolutionFocuses on the X-Men: Evolution women. Bios, fanfics, fanart, etc.
The Voice Actor Appreciation PageX-Men: Evolution voice actor information.
The RogueSmall Evo Rogue site.
The New RecruitsSite dedicated to Evolution's New Recruits.
the instituteQuizzes, images, bios and more.
The Freak ShowFunny site with a lot of Evolution and general X-Men content.
The Art of Steven E. GordonOriginal X-Men: Evolution art from a director and character designer of the X-Men: Evolution animated series.
Southern ShadowGreat Evo Rogue info.
Self PossessedEvo Rogue related information.
Sam's X-Men SiteGeneral X-Men site with a lot of Evolution content
RPG X-Men EvolutionRPG site.
Rogue's RoomRogue site with pictures, quotes, profile.
Rogue to RuinEvo and non-Evo Rogue info.
Rogue and the DemonSmall Rogue and Nightcrawler site.
Revolving Around EvolutionFanart and a few other bits.
Red Hot ShadesSite dedicated to Evolution's Scott Summers.
Rebel With A CauseGood X-Men: Evolution Lance and Kitty site.
Rebel MorbidityNice Rogue fan site.
RealmOfColossusEvolution and non-Evo pics and info.
Psychotic FlameEvo Pyro fan site.
Pryde & PrejudiceKitty/Lance fanfiction archive
Project BayvilleRPG moved to Evolution Unbound at http://www.rpgscene.com/eu/
Poison SkinA Rogue and Gambit shrine.
Origin Of SpeciesMuch content erased by 5/26/05. Evo links and fanfic review remain.
Newly EvolvedMany good avatars (most not Evolution based), biographies, fanart, some episode guides, etc.
My FanartErin Leong X-Men: Evolution fanart.
Mutated GenesAvatars, banners, fanart and more.
MisunderstoodGeneral site with a few Evo avatars and wallpapers.
Misled OutcastsEpisode and comic guides, Rogue and Nightcrawler bios, and more.
Metior's Lance ShrineLance bio, pictures and more.
Maximoffs, InterruptedSmall Pietro/Wanda site.
Marvel.jouwpagina.nlMassive quantities of X-Men and Marvel links. Makes 56K modems cry.
Marvel DirectoryLots of Marvel superhero information.
Marvel Animation AgeGood X-Men: Evolution site launched in early 2006.
MarvelMarvel home page.
Livin' Fast and Rockin' the WorldEvo Lance and Peitro.
Light My FirePyro site with X-Men: Evolution related info as well.
Le Diable BlancEvo Gambit site.
Lancey-Poo's Smut HutHumorous Lance shrine.
Kurt's LedgeAn Evo Nightcrawler shrine.
Kitty Pryde a.k.a ShadowCatFrench Shadowcat shrine.
Kitty PrydeEvo Shadowcat site with quite a few images.
Jean & Scott ForeverEvo Jean and Scott site.
In the Blink of an EyePietro site.
IMDbCast and crew credits, trivia, quotes, etc.
ImaginaryEvo Rogue site.
Higher EvolutionariesEpisodes summaries, profiles, etc. Screenshot links broken.
Heroic // The X-Men Evolution FanlistingAn X-Men: Evolution fanlisting.
Gothic's ShrineEvo Rogue site.
Goth QueenEvo Rogue shrine.
Going BerserkEvo Berserker shrine.
GambitiaBios and a bit of other Evolution related info. Fanfics links broken.
Fuzzy ElfFunny Evo Nightcrawler site.
Future of the X-Men!X-Men: Evolution New Mutants site.
Fears And FireworksEvo Moonstar and Jubilee fansite.
FanFiction.NetTons of X-Men: Evolution fan fiction.
Fanatical MissX-Men: Evolution music videos
Evolution UnboundEvolution RPG.
Evolution TimesSome bios, avatars, fan art and more.
Deadly TouchEvo Rogue site.
Dark ShroudEvo Rogue fansite.
Dark QuakesA fan site dedicated to Lance Alvers/Avalanche of X-men: Evolution.
Dark Blue ObsessionNice Evo Nightcrawler site.
Cryptic DarknessShrine to X-Men: Evolution Rogue.
Crimson PassionDedicated to Scott and Jean of X-Men: Evolution.
Comics2FilmFind X-Men: Evolution news here.
Comics ContinuumX-Men: Evolution news source.
Code Name: RogueNice Evo Rogue site.
Cherry Bomb BoomsterSimple Evolution Boom Boom site.
Cats CradleContains some general X-Men: Evolution info.
Cajun CornerSome Gambit and Rogue material along with general and Evo specific content.
Burning SoulsAn Amara/Pyro (Amyro) shrine.
Brotherly LoveBrotherhood-centric site with episode guides, profiles, fanfiction, fanart and more.
BLURWas nice Pietro fansite, but layout has problems now.
Blue Fuzzy ElfEvolution Nightcrawler site with screenshots, comics and more.
Blue Fuzz BallA basic X-Men: Evolution Nightcrawler site.
Beyond EvolutionOne of the best and most complete X-Men: Evolution sites.
Beyond AvatarsLots of Evolution (and other) avatars.
Behind The MutantsFan fiction written by A Pyro's Rage.
Angel HavenEvo site about Angel, Iceman, and some of the other X-Men
Amphibians and BrimstoneEvolution Toad and Nightcrawler site.
Alvers' PrydeSmall Lance/Kitty shrine.
A Mystical FamilyA great Mystique site with bios, episode guides, images and more.
A Demon's EyesA Nightcrawler shrine.

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