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Burger King X-Men: Evolution Toys

In 2001 Burger King introduced eight different X-Men: Evolution toys in their Big Kids' Meal promotion. Included was an action figure and a mini-CD. The mini-CDs contained short comics (Dot-Comics), games, wallpapers, screensaver and more. Each figure and mini-CD was based on one of the following X-Men: Evolution characters: Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Toad, Quicksilver, Mystique and Magneto. On the right are thumbnails of the toys and CDs.

The CD content is surprising good considering it is just part of a kids meal. Each character has their own image printed on their CD. After placing the CD in the drive a video clip introduction appears which is identical to the introduction of the X-Men: Evolution TV show.

After the introduction a screen appears showing the featured character in uniform and civilian clothing as well as a short bio. Clicking on the "Xavier Institute" and "Bayville High" buttons leads to a variety of cool stuff.

The "Xavier Institute" contains a comic based on the character and Super Power Training games. While the comics on each CD are different the games are the same.

The Dot-Comics are similar in style to the X-Men: Evolution comic books.

The CDs contain three relatively simple flash games. All CDs feature these three games: Ion Neutralizer, Gridsweeper and Labyrinth.

The Bayville High section features an X-Men: Evolution TV clip, bookmarks, wallpapers, screensaver, superhero compatibility quiz and yearbook.

The TV clips are from the X-Men: Evolution TV series.

The bookmarks are the same on all of the CDs.

Each CD has two wallpapers. One wallpaper is unique to the character while the other is a team shot found on all of the CDs. The screensaver is the same on all of the CDs as well. The wallpapers are below:

The Superhero Compatibility Quiz is on each CD as well.

The Yearbook contains a picture and short bit of information about the characters.

x-men evolution