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Episode List

Below are the titles and very brief descriptions of every X-Men: Evolution episode. If you are looking for more detailed episode information I recommend visiting the Episode Guides section at Beyond Evolution.

Season 1

1 Strategy X Kurt is the newest arrival at Xavier's institute. Mystique coerces Toad into getting an inside look at the institute and its members.
2 The X-Impulse Kitty Pryde is confused and frightened by her emerging mutant powers. Lance Alvers is in a race with Jean Grey and Professor X to gain her trust.
3 Rogue Recruit Rogue learns about the dark nature of her powers after a classmate accidentally touches her bare skin and becomes very ill. Mystique disguises herself as members of the X-Men and terrorizes Rogue.
4 Mutant Crush Blob has a crush on Jean Grey and goes too far trying to make Jean love him.
5 Speed And Spyke A rivalry between Spyke and Quicksilver heats up on and off the basketball court.
6 Middleverse Rogue accidentally strands Kurt in another dimension with Forge's invention. Kurt finds Forge himself was also trapped, and both will need the help of the X-Men to have a chance at escaping.
7 Turn Of The Rogue Rogue uncovers Mystique's lies about the X-Men when she finds Mystique pushing Scott off of a cliff during a school field trip.
8 Spykecam Sabretooth uses Spyke's camera to send a threatening message to Wolverine, then attacks other members of the X-Men to anger his long-time adversary.
9 Survival Of The Fittest While the X-Men and Brotherhood are at a camp learning survival skills, Mystique releases Juggernaut to help her gain access to the institute.
10 Shadowed Past Rogue has dreams about Nightcrawler's past. Nightcrawler is surprised when he learns the identity of his biological mother.
11 Grim Reminder Wolverine is losing his sanity and is drawn into the Canadian wilderness to find some answers. Kurt and Kitty inadvertently hitch a ride with Wolverine in the X-Jet and find out that Wolverine's past is a danger to them all.
12 The Cauldron - Part 1 Professor X and Scott learn that Scott's brother Alex is alive, but Magneto also has an interest in Alex. Magneto arranges duels of the X-Men against the Brotherhood and Sabretooth, where the winners are taken to Magneto's base whether they want to or not.
13 The Cauldron - Part 2 Magneto plans to help willing mutants reach the full potential of their powers, while trying to prevent the unwilling from interfering with his plans.

Season 2

14 Growing Pains Professor X cautions Scott against revealing his mutant powers, believing that society isn't ready to learn about the existence of mutants. The Brotherhood decide to shake things up by terrorizing spectators at the school stadium with their mutant abilities.
15 Power Surge Jean loses control of her powers, and it is up to the X-Men to stop her before it is too late.
16 Bada-Bing Bada-Boom Boom Boom's theiving father shows up unexpectedly looking for her help on one more theft.
17 Fun And Games Professor X, Scott and Jean are lured away from the institute while the younger team members and New Recruits party. One guest gains access to Cerebro and unwittingly puts the lives of several X-Men in danger.
18 Beast Of Bayville Henry McCoy spent years keeping his mutation hidden with a serum he developed, but even that is not enough to stop the Beast raging inside of him.
19 Adrift A day of surfing turns into a nightmare for Scott and Alex when Alex is swept out to sea by bad weather.
20 On Angel's Wings Scott and Rogue investigate the sitings of a winged mutant who has raised Magneto's curiosity as well.
21 African Storm Storm confronts an African witch-doctor who plans to steal her powers for his own use.
22 Joyride Lance tries joining the X-Men to get closer to Kitty, but finds that some of the X-Men and the Brotherhood are not pleased with his decision.
23 Walk On The Wild Side Feeling that their talents were underrated, several female mutants create their own crimefighting group called the Bayville Sirens.
24 Operation Rebirth An aged Magneto plans to rejuvinate himself with a machine similar to that which created Captain America.
25 Mindbender Jean falls under the spell of Mesmero, a mutant working to free Apocalpyse. Using Jean's telekinetic and telepathic powers Mesmero's goal is to steal three rings to unlock one of the seals which imprison Apocalypse.
26 Shadow Dance Forge invents a device which may help Nightcrawler improve his teleportation abilities. An unexpected side effect is that the device doesn't completely close the openings into the dimension Kurt travels through when he teleports, a dimension full of unfriendly beasts.
27 Retreat A camping trip with Evan, Kitty and New Recruits turns into trouble when hunters looking for Bigfoot find Beast.
28 HeX Factor Mystique helps Wanda escape from the asylum to bolster the Brotherhood ranks and defeat the X-Men. Wanda has some scores of her own she wants to settle with her brother Quicksilver and father Magneto.
29 Day Of Reckoning - Part 1 Wolverine is captured by a group looking to exterminate mutants. While Wolverine is forced to become a test subject for the Sentinel program, someone has activated the self-destruct countdown at the mansion while some of the New Recruits are trapped inside.
30 Day Of Reckoning - Part 2 Magneto arranges a confrontation between the X-Men/Brotherhood and the new Sentinel, a battle which exposes the existence of mutants and the Sentinel program to the world. When the X-Men and Brotherhood members who fought the Sentinel return to the institute they find it destoyed, and then discover who did it.

Season 3

31 Day Of Recovery The X-Men and Brotherhood travel to Area 51 to rescue teammates captured by the Sentinel.
32 The Stuff Of Heroes Storm and Beast plead their case to the government while the rest of the X-Men battle Juggernaut and discover the location of the missing Professor X.
33 Mainstream The backlash against mutants continues, this time at Bayville High. The X-Men try preventing the Brotherhood from making matters even worse.
34 The Stuff Of Villains Wanda gets Pietro jailed. Magneto sends Gambit to recruit the Brotherhood into freeing Pietro.
35 Blind Alley Mystique escapes from Area 51 and lures Scott into a trap in Mexico to seek revenge.
36 X-Treme Measures The Morlocks sabotage a Powr8 sports drink factory which endangers their home in the sewers. The Morlocks take in Spyke after he becomes very ill after drinking Powr8.
37 The Toad, The Witch, And The Wardrobe Magneto plans to end to Wanda's quest for vengence and Toad tries finding a way to save her.
38 Self Possessed Rogue accidentally touches a disguised Mystique at a concert and uncontrollably transforms into people she has previously touched.
39 Under Lock And Key Mesmero forces Gambit into stealing half of a special stone. Once the two halves are combined the stone releases a spider-like being which is nearly unstoppable.
40 Cruise Control The X-Men and New Recruits try to relax on an ocean cruise but find their mutant powers continue to be scorned by humanity. Several members decide to avoid the hostile passengers by visiting a nearby island.
41 X23 Wolverine discovers Hydra has created X23, a girl who was created from his DNA. She blames Wolverine for her condition and seeks revenge.
42 Dark Horizon - Part 1 Mesmero uses Rogue to steal the powers of the X-Men, Brotherhood and Acolytes. Most of the X-Men and Acolytes travel to Egypt to track down Apocalypse while Wolverine, Sabretooth and Gambit look for Rogue.
43 Dark Horizon - Part 2 The X-Men and Brotherhood battle mechanical monsters in Egypt, while Mystique and Rogue awaken Apocalypse in Tibet. The X-Men and Brotherhood use a craft discovered in Egypt to instanteously travel to Tibet to find that Apocalypse has been freed.

Season 4

44 Impact While the X-Men attempt to learn more about Apocalypse without provoking him Magneto seeks a confrontation instead. The Brotherhood and X-Men don't know exactly what to do with Mystique who was turned to stone in Tibet.
45 No Good Deed Wanda accidentally causes a subway wreck, and the Brotherhood become unlikely heroes after saving some of the passengers. Not content with the fame and fortune of a single act of heroism, the Brotherhood begin saving other people from disasters that they secretly create.
46 Target X Wolverine escapes from an airplane after being captured by Omega Red. X23 rescues Wolverine from Omega Red and Gauntlet in the forest while she is on a mission to destroy one of Hydra's bases.
47 Sins Of The Son Professor X receives a distress call from a son who he didn't know existed, and finds that his son is not quite the man he expected to be.
48 Uprising Spyke reappears with armored plating and flaming spikes to defend the Morlocks and other mutants against the humans looking to persecute them.
49 Cajun Spice Gambit kidnaps Rogue to use her to help save his father from a rival clan.
50 Ghost Of A Chance Danielle Moonstar visits the institute after saving Kitty but her presence generates powerful nightmares and daydreams in others. Kitty wakes up one day to find Danielle gone and no one else remebering Danielle's stay at the institute, yet Danielle's messages to Kitty continue.
51 Ascension - Part 1 Professor X tries communicating with Apocalypse in Egpyt, only to disappear with Storm at the hand of Apocalypse similar to Magneto's earlier disappearance. SHIELD uses Sentinels to attack Apocalypse and the energy domes at the pyramid sites. Apocalypse unleashes his four horsemen to defend the pyramids and his base at the Sphinx while the X-Men assemble four teams to gain control of each location.
52 Ascension - Part 2 The members of the X-Men, New Recruits, Brotherhood, Acolytes and others fight losing battles against the horsemen while Apocalypse prepares to transform humankind into mutants. Rogue uses Leech's power in an attempt to stop Apocalypse before his plans are fulfilled.

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