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Below are links to other sites that are at least loosely related to X-Men: Evolution.

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A Demon's EyesA Nightcrawler shrine.
A Mystical FamilyA great Mystique site with bios, episode guides, images and more.
Alvers' PrydeSmall Lance/Kitty shrine.
Amphibians and BrimstoneEvolution Toad and Nightcrawler site.
Angel HavenEvo site about Angel, Iceman, and some of the other X-Men
Behind The MutantsFan fiction written by A Pyro's Rage.
Beyond AvatarsLots of Evolution (and other) avatars.
Beyond EvolutionOne of the best and most complete X-Men: Evolution sites.
Blue Fuzz BallA basic X-Men: Evolution Nightcrawler site.
Blue Fuzzy ElfEvolution Nightcrawler site with screenshots, comics and more.
BLURWas nice Pietro fansite, but layout has problems now.
Brotherly LoveBrotherhood-centric site with episode guides, profiles, fanfiction, fanart and more.
Burning SoulsAn Amara/Pyro (Amyro) shrine.
Cajun CornerSome Gambit and Rogue material along with general and Evo specific content.
Cats CradleContains some general X-Men: Evolution info.
Cherry Bomb BoomsterSimple Evolution Boom Boom site.
Code Name: RogueNice Evo Rogue site.
Comics ContinuumX-Men: Evolution news source.
Comics2FilmFind X-Men: Evolution news here.
Crimson PassionDedicated to Scott and Jean of X-Men: Evolution.
Cryptic DarknessShrine to X-Men: Evolution Rogue.
Dark Blue ObsessionNice Evo Nightcrawler site.
Dark QuakesA fan site dedicated to Lance Alvers/Avalanche of X-men: Evolution.
Dark ShroudEvo Rogue fansite.
Deadly TouchEvo Rogue site.
Evolution TimesSome bios, avatars, fan art and more.
Evolution UnboundEvolution RPG.
Fanatical MissX-Men: Evolution music videos
FanFiction.NetTons of X-Men: Evolution fan fiction.
Fears And FireworksEvo Moonstar and Jubilee fansite.
Future of the X-Men!X-Men: Evolution New Mutants site.
Fuzzy ElfFunny Evo Nightcrawler site.
GambitiaBios and a bit of other Evolution related info. Fanfics links broken.
Going BerserkEvo Berserker shrine.
Goth QueenEvo Rogue shrine.
Gothic's ShrineEvo Rogue site.
Heroic // The X-Men Evolution FanlistingAn X-Men: Evolution fanlisting.
Higher EvolutionariesEpisodes summaries, profiles, etc. Screenshot links broken.
ImaginaryEvo Rogue site.
IMDbCast and crew credits, trivia, quotes, etc.
In the Blink of an EyePietro site.
Jean & Scott ForeverEvo Jean and Scott site.
Kitty PrydeEvo Shadowcat site with quite a few images.
Kitty Pryde a.k.a ShadowCatFrench Shadowcat shrine.
Kurt's LedgeAn Evo Nightcrawler shrine.
Lancey-Poo's Smut HutHumorous Lance shrine.
Le Diable BlancEvo Gambit site.
Light My FirePyro site with X-Men: Evolution related info as well.
Livin' Fast and Rockin' the WorldEvo Lance and Peitro.
MarvelMarvel home page.
Marvel Animation AgeGood X-Men: Evolution site launched in early 2006.
Marvel DirectoryLots of Marvel superhero information.
Marvel.jouwpagina.nlMassive quantities of X-Men and Marvel links. Makes 56K modems cry.
Maximoffs, InterruptedSmall Pietro/Wanda site.
Metior's Lance ShrineLance bio, pictures and more.
Misled OutcastsEpisode and comic guides, Rogue and Nightcrawler bios, and more.
MisunderstoodGeneral site with a few Evo avatars and wallpapers.
Mutated GenesAvatars, banners, fanart and more.
My FanartErin Leong X-Men: Evolution fanart.
Newly EvolvedMany good avatars (most not Evolution based), biographies, fanart, some episode guides, etc.
Origin Of SpeciesMuch content erased by 5/26/05. Evo links and fanfic review remain.
Poison SkinA Rogue and Gambit shrine.
Project BayvilleRPG moved to Evolution Unbound at http://www.rpgscene.com/eu/
Pryde & PrejudiceKitty/Lance fanfiction archive
Psychotic FlameEvo Pyro fan site.
RealmOfColossusEvolution and non-Evo pics and info.
Rebel MorbidityNice Rogue fan site.
Rebel With A CauseGood X-Men: Evolution Lance and Kitty site.
Red Hot ShadesSite dedicated to Evolution's Scott Summers.
Revolving Around EvolutionFanart and a few other bits.
Rogue and the DemonSmall Rogue and Nightcrawler site.
Rogue to RuinEvo and non-Evo Rogue info.
Rogue's RoomRogue site with pictures, quotes, profile.
RPG X-Men EvolutionRPG site.
Sam's X-Men SiteGeneral X-Men site with a lot of Evolution content
Self PossessedEvo Rogue related information.
Southern ShadowGreat Evo Rogue info.
The Art of Steven E. GordonOriginal X-Men: Evolution art from a director and character designer of the X-Men: Evolution animated series.
The Freak ShowFunny site with a lot of Evolution and general X-Men content.
the instituteQuizzes, images, bios and more.
The New RecruitsSite dedicated to Evolution's New Recruits.
The RogueSmall Evo Rogue site.
The Voice Actor Appreciation PageX-Men: Evolution voice actor information.
The Women Of X-Men EvolutionFocuses on the X-Men: Evolution women. Bios, fanfics, fanart, etc.
The World of X-MenX-Men: Evolution RPG site.
The X-ImpulseGeneral X-Men site.
Tina's X-Men SiteEvo site.
Toad DamageEvo Toad info.
Toad's SwampEvo Toad site.
Toon Zone - Comics - X-Men: EvolutionEvo comic information. Pages not showing up correctly as of 9/21/05. Disappearing soon?
Transparent ThoughtsKitty Pryde site.
True LoveClique dedicated to Scott and Jean.
Ultimate EvolutionRPG site.
Ultimate RogueSome Evo and lots of non-Evo Rogue info.
Vi's X-Men Evolution PageFanfiction, some images and other info.
WagnerszenenEvolution Nightcrawler site.
WikipediaWikipedia's X-Men: Evolution entry.
Wolviesgal's Home PageCovers the early episodes of X-Men: Evolution.
X Men Evolution RPGX-Men: Evolution RPG site.
X Men Evolution RPGA relatively new X-Men: Evolution RPG site.
X-FreaksLots of X-Men: Evolution info.
X-Men EvolutionPolish X-Men: Evolution site.
X-Men Evolution IconsLots of awesome X-Men Evolution icons.
X-Men Evolution RuminationsSome info from the first two seasons of Evolution.
X-Men Evolution WallpapersLots of X-Men: Evolution wallpapers.
X-Men RevolutionsEvo RPG in Portuguese.
X-MEN: Evolution Fan InstituteFanfics, fan art, images, and more.
X-pressionism XFan fiction, fan art and more.
X.M.E. T.V.Videos, profiles, fanart, etc.
X2B X-Men: Evolution BlogX-Men: Evolution blog by X2B
Xavier SchoolIncludes X-Men: Evolution toys picture gallery.
Xavier's InstituteProfiles, episode guides, adoptables and more.
Xmen EvolutionBasic X-Men: Evolution site.

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