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A new Apocalyptic level trivia quiz was added today. The screenshots for "The Stuff Of Villains" were also fixed so they are now full size rather than thumbnail size.

- Kataclysm - 4/23/05 8:55 PM

Ever dream about X-Men? Let us know how often in today's new poll.

- Kataclysm - 4/15/05 11:40 AM

Seventeen new avatars were added today.

- Kataclysm - 3/20/05 6:30 PM

A new "X-Men" level trivia quiz is ready.

- Kataclysm - 3/15/05 7:15 PM

Today's new poll asks: "How many X-Men: Evolution episodes have you watched?"

- Kataclysm - 3/14/05 9:20 PM

A New Recruit (easy) level trivia quiz was added today.

- Kataclysm - 2/25/05 11:45 AM

Nine new avatars were added today.

- Kataclysm - 2/16/05 11:20 AM

A "Favorite New Recruit" poll was posted today.

- Kataclysm - 2/15/05 8:20 AM

One Pyro and two Scarlet Witch animated avatars were added to the animated avatar page.

- Kataclysm - 1/27/05 12:20 AM

A new "Favorite Acolyte" poll was posted today.

- Kataclysm - 1/22/05 2:45 PM

Tired of all those square avatars? If so then check out the new options in the Avatars section. Avatars can now be in the shape of a heart, a circle or one of a few other patterns. More effects will be added in the future.

- Kataclysm - 1/14/05 8:00 PM

A new Acolyte level trivia quiz was added today.

- Kataclysm - 1/13/05 1:45 PM

A new "Brotherhood Favorite" poll was created today.

- Kataclysm - 12/23/04 10:50 PM

Beast, Spyke and Wolfsbane wallpapers are now available.

- Kataclysm - 12/23/04 12:30 AM

New Gambit, Magneto and Scarlet Witch wallpapers are ready for download.

- Kataclysm - 12/21/04 6:05 PM

The Wallpapers section now includes a Pyro entry. A new animated Gambit avatar is here. The Day Of Reckoning screenshots were also updated with DVD versions.

- Kataclysm - 12/20/04 5:55 PM

A few more avatars were added. Updated Retreat and HeX Factor DVD screenshots are also ready.

- Kataclysm - 12/19/04 3:30 PM

Seven more avatars were added today. The old TV screenshots from Shadow Dance were replaced with DVD screenshots.

- Kataclysm - 12/18/04 9:05 PM

Seven new avatars based on sketches from the Steven E. Gordon site are now in the Avatars section. You can find them here. An option to "colorize" avatars was also added to the Avatars section. It works best with black and white avatars but can be used with full color avatars as well.

- Kataclysm - 12/7/04 9:05 PM

An "Apocalyptic" level trivia quiz was added to the Trivia Quiz section.

- Kataclysm - 12/5/04 5:45 PM

A new poll is up today. Older polls are now located in their own Polls section.

I noticed this page from The Art of Steven E. Gordon site contains two pictures which appear to be "Evolutionized" versions of Emma Frost and Psylocke. Both pictures are also located in the X-Attic.

- Kataclysm - 12/4/04 1:30 PM

A Sneak Peek video for the Mystique's Revenge DVD was added to the Video Clips section today. You can also download it by right-clicking on this link and choosing "Save Target As" from the menu. The clip is an advertisement for the Mystique's Revenge DVD which is now available. I received mine from Amazon.com a few days ago. It contains the last five episodes from season two and a couple special features (Toad's Test and X-Men Evolution: Turning Point). I definitely recommend this DVD to any fans of the Acolytes, Scarlet Witch or The Sentinels. The only disappointment is that Toad (Noel Fisher) doesn't do the narration for Toad's Test.

- Kataclysm - 12/3/04 6:30 PM

An "X-Men" level trivia quiz was added today.

- Kataclysm - 11/12/04 11:05 AM

An animated Wolfsbane avatar and an "Acolyte" level trivia quiz were added today.

- Kataclysm - 11/8/04 8:50 PM

An animated Shadowcat avatar and a "New Recruit" level trivia quiz were added today.

- Kataclysm - 11/5/04 11:45 AM

An animated avatar section was created today with several versions of a Rogue avatar included. More avatars will be added in the future. To access the animated avatars click the "Avatar" link in the Navigation menu or you can just click here.

- Kataclysm - 11/4/04 4:15 PM

Kataclysm's X-Men: Evolution Page is entered in the X-Men Site Awards which is underway now at Extreme Evolution. Kataclysm's X-Men: Evolution Page is nominated in three categories (Most Popular, Best Images and Fan Choice). If you enjoy this site please vote for us! Thanks.

Click the image below to visit the X-Men Site Awards.

- Kataclysm - 10/25/04 10:15 PM

Four new tests were added to the "Trivia Quiz" section today.

- Kataclysm - 10/5/04 4:55 PM

The poll was updated today and asks what you would have wanted to see in Season 5 of X-Men: Evolution.

- Kataclysm - 10/2/04 9:20 PM

A "Bios" section was added today. While not the most complete or thorough X-Men: Evolution biography on the net, it does cover all of the major characters and many of the secondary characters as well.

- Kataclysm - 10/1/04 12:40 AM

The "DVD/VHS Video" section was added today with info about the current X-Men: Evolution home video releases.

- Kataclysm - 9/14/04 7:45 PM

The avatar section now features new options for customizing an avatar. The border thickness and color are changeable and a scanline effect can be added as well.

- Kataclysm - 9/11/04 10:30 PM

Two new animated wallpapers, a new Storm wallpaper and another X-Attic weird screenshot were added over the past day.

- Kataclysm - 9/6/04 5:40 PM

An episode list section was added today. A character bio section should be ready within a couple weeks.

- Kataclysm - 9/5/04 5:10 AM

Another 73 avatars were added to the Avatar section today.

- Kataclysm - 9/4/04 1:25 AM

Kataclysm's X-Men: Evolution Page is entered in the X-Men Site Awards at Extreme Evolution. Kataclysm's is nominated in four categories (Most Popular, Best Images, Fan Choice and Best Overall). Although voting doesn't begin until September 6th you can see the nominees and awards categories now. There are plenty of links to other good X-Men sites in the nominee lists. If you like Kataclysm's please vote for us! Thanks.

Click the image below to visit the X-Men Site Awards.

- Kataclysm - 9/3/04 7:15 PM

A new "Favorite Season" poll is open.

- Kataclysm - 9/1/04 7:55 PM

An X-Men: Evolution trivia quiz section was added today with four different levels of difficulty. The easiest quiz is for those barely familiar with the series or X-Men in general. The most difficult level should even be challenging to those who've seen every episode more than once.

- Kataclysm - 9/1/04 4:40 PM

Improvements were made to almost all of the video clips. The first 25 episodes (through Mindbender) are now based on video from DVD rather than TV. The rest have slightly improved video quality as well. A new Sins Of The Son video clip was added (Scott fights Lucas).

- Kataclysm - 8/29/04 2:40 PM

A new section called the "X-Attic" was added today. It's a place for odds and ends that have lost their home on the main pages or were never showcased to begin with.

- Kataclysm - 8/27/04 2:25 AM

The avatar collection has nearly doubled with the addition of 73 new avatars today.

- Kataclysm - 8/23/04 12:40 AM

A new animated Rogue wallpaper is available along with a new Shadowcat wallpaper.

- Kataclysm - 8/19/04 10:10 AM

Two new wallpapers, one of Jean Grey and one of Rogue, are in the Wallpapers section. The forum was updated yesterday as well.

- Kataclysm - 8/16/04 5:55 PM

We now have an avatar section! Seventy-five avatars are available in 75x75, 80x80 and 100x100 sizes. Can't find one you like? You might want to check again after the next big avatar update which should happen within a few weeks.

- Kataclysm - 8/14/04 9:30 PM

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Site Survey poll over the past week. The information will be put to good use. The Site Survey poll is now closed, but a link to the results is available in the left column of this page. Any other comments, suggestions or questions about this site can be still be addressed in the forum.

Those of you looking for screenshots should be pleased to find that screenshots for every episode are now available. Over 80 hours of time was spent collecting a total of 3,526 screenshots. We now have one of the largest and most complete screenshot collections available for X-Men: Evolution fans. Enjoy!

Two "Ascension - Part 2" video clips were also added, along with a video clip from "Survival Of The Fittest".

I should have an Avatar section up within the next couple weeks.

- Kataclysm - 8/9/04 3:20 AM

Screenshots from "The Stuff Of Villains" are complete.

- Kataclysm - 8/1/04 11:25 AM

"Mutants Rising" DVD screenshots for "Beast Of Bayville", "Adrift", "On Angel's Wings" and "African Storm" are now in the Screenshots section.

- Kataclysm - 7/30/04 10:15 AM

Screenshots are finally available for both Ascension episodes. Patience will be necessary for 56K modem users as the thumbnail page for each eposide contains well over 100 images.

- Kataclysm - 7/25/04 3:10 PM

Several new wallpapers were added today.

- Kataclysm - 7/22/04 10:15 PM

I'll be making several changes to the site today. Don't be too surprised to find links that don't work or menus temporarily out of place.

Edit (3:40PM) - Just about everything should be working again. The screenshots section now has clickable thumbnails along with the old zip files. Some of the older screenshots with dark edges are cleaned up. The broken Avalanche wallpaper links are fixed. The navigation menu formatting which was buggy yesterday and this morning is also fixed.

- Kataclysm - 7/19/04 10:55 AM

I created an entire set of images for "Joyride" which are available in the Screenshots section. The "Mindbender" TV screenshots are now updated to DVD screenshots. A new Avalanche wallpaper is available as well.

- Kataclysm - 7/16/04 1:15 PM

A Boom Boom wallpaper was added today. The old "Operation: Rebirth" TV screenshots were replaced with higher quality DVD screenshots.

- Kataclysm - 7/16/04 6:20 PM

I added a Magma wallpaper yesterday. The old "Walk On The Wild Side" screenshots were replaced with improved versions from the new "X-Men Evolution: Enemies Unveiled" DVD.

- Kataclysm - 7/15/04 11:25 PM

The main page was getting rather lengthy so the video clips, screenshots and wallpapers were moved to their own individual pages.

- Kataclysm - 7/1/04 7:55 PM

"Speed And Spyke" and "Middleverse" screenshots are now available.

- Kataclysm - 4/13/04 11:50 PM

Kataclysm's X-Men: Evolution Page now has it's own forum/guestbook. You can check it out here.

- Kataclysm - 4/6/04 5:50 PM

I added a "Wallpapers" section at the bottom of the page. More wallpapers will be added over the following days.

- Kataclysm - 4/6/04 9:00 AM

Screenshots from "Turn Of The Rogue", "Spykecam" and "Survival Of The Fittest" are now in the Screenshots section.

- Kataclysm - 4/4/04 9:45 AM

Screenshots from Shadowed Past and Grim Reminder are ready.

- Kataclysm - 4/1/04 8:00 PM

Screenshots from The Cauldron - Part 2 are now listed below.

- Kataclysm - 3/31/04 9:00 AM

I've added 54 screenshots from The Cauldron - Part 1.

- Kataclysm - 2/27/04 9:35 PM

A new Gambit and Rogue video from the Day of Reckoning - Part 2 episode is now available. You can download it below in the Video Clips section.

- Kataclysm - 1/17/04 11:05 PM

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